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Swirl Away Cleaner

Swirl Away is the first original Spa and Whirlpool pipe cleaner on the market since 1998, and also by far the most effective.

• Dissolves accumulated bath and body oils and aids in the prevention of build-up in the plumbing lines of your spa.

• Eliminates blocked or obstructed jets.

A simple but very effective way to clean away accumulated and unseen deposits of oily grime, micro-organisms, and other foreign matter from inside a hot tub’s plumbing system. One hour before draining the spa, remove the cartridge filters, pour half a bottle of swirl away into the old spa water and then turn on the pumps. After one hour drain the spa.

303 Hot Tub Cover Protectorant

303 is THE LEADER in UV Screening Technology. 303 Aerospace Protectant really is like “SPF 40 Sunscreen … For Your Stuff.”  Regular use gives 100% Prevention of UV caused slow-fade with regular use.  No other “protectant” beautifies as intensely, protects as powerfully or lasts as long. Left unprotected and exposed to sunlight hot tub covers will crack and degrade over time.

As part of a regular maintenance regime simply treat your cover every month with 303 Protectant which will protect it from UVA and UVB and restore a brand new shiny look to hot tub covers. 303 bonds into the vinyl surface to block the sun’s UV rays and guard against cracking and fading and, with regular use, 303 will provide 100% protection against UV fading.

Below are the most common cleaning materials and parts required to keep your hot tub, spa or plunge pool in a safe, clean, Hygienic working condition.

Water Cartridge Filter Cleaner

Designed to extend your cartridge life, improve filter performance and save on capital costs. The world’s first all-in-one hand held cartridge cleaner.

Connected to your garden hose (connector supplied), eight fan nozzles flush out the cartridge pleats and a soft rubber comb removes hair and other unwanted debris. The wand also includes a clever thumb control to regulate water flow.

AquaSafe Water Care Treatment

Pure, soft, crystal clear water – no heavy chemicals odours – tested by the world renowned KEMA institute in the Netherlands – easy maintenance – environmentally friendly!

For decades, spa water treatment systems take away from the enjoyment of owning a hot tub. Unfortunately, most hot tub owners have become accustomed to the unpleasant smell and harsh effects associated with these chemicals.

Instead of a relaxing hot tub experience, many people leave their spa with red watery eyes, irritated skin, discoloured swimsuits and the lingering odour of various sanitizing products. Plus, the time spent balancing your hot tub water can take away almost an entire week’s worth of free time each year!

We supply a full range of the following:

Chlorine & Bromine granules & tablets, PH increaser, Alkaline increaser, Calcium hardness, filter cleaning products, test strips, shock dosing products and filters